Papercraft Hakos



All Marvel
Hako: Angel
Hako: Anti-Venom
Hako: Apocalypse
Hako: Archangel 1 2 3 4
Hako: Captain America (original costume)
Hako: Captain America (new costume)
Hako: Carnage 1 2
Hako: Colossus
Hako: Cyclops
Hako: Daredevil
Hako: Deadpool
Hako: Dr. Doom
Hako: Octopus
Hako: Ghost Rider 1
Hako: Green Goblin
Hako: Hobgoblin
Hako: Incredible Hulk (incredible) 1 2 3 4 5
Hako: Hulk (rulk) 1 2 3 4 5
Hako: Mr. Fixit
Hako: She-Hulk
Hako: Iron Fist
Hako: Jean Grey (phoenix)
Hako: Juggernaut
Hako: Magneto
Hako: Namor
Hako: Nighcrawler
Hako: Omega Red
Hako: Punisher
Hako: Power Man
Hako: Sabertooth
Hako: Silver Surfer
Hako: Skrull
Hako: Spider Clan 1
Hako: Spiderman 2099 1 2
Hako: Spiderman (black suit) 1 2
Hako: Spiderman (iron suit) 1 2 3
Hako: Spiderman (red & blue suit) 1 2
Hako: Spider-Woman 1 2
Hako: Storm
Hako: Venom 1 2
Hako: Venom Chopper 1
Hako: The Thing
Hako: Warpath
Hako: Wolverine (logan) 1 2
Hako: Wolverine (killing)
Hako: Wolverine (old man logan)
Hako: Wolverine (original suit) 1 2
Hako: Wolverine (weapon x) 1 2
Hako: Wolverine (weapon x bloody) 1 2
Hako: Wolverine (x-force assasin)
Hako: Xavier
Hako: X-23


Hako: Batman
Hako: Batman Motorcycle
Hako: Robin
Hako: Robin Motorcycle
Hako: Wonder Woman 1 2


Hako: Template (male) 1 2
Hako: Template (male large)
Hako: Template (male x-large)

Hako: Template (female)
Hako: Template (female large)

Hako: Template Motorcycle
Hako: Template Chopper Motorcycle



Why do I do what I do? I'm not sure but if you can tell me that would be great! I've always been fascinated with paper. I did a lot of origami when I was a kid. A couple of years ago I came across a 3D paper Mario and shortly after that I found some hakos (originally designed by Masasmune Washington (I think)). They were small and cute so I made a template and have been designing them since. Now, I understand they are suppose to be simple but hakos like Ghost Rider have to be more complex to look good.

I use some cardstock I purchased from Wal-Mart.

'Edging' is the coloring (I use markers) of the cut paper edge. This helps give the finished model a 'professional' look. I use different kinds of markers but mainly I make sure they have a pointed tip in order to get into small spaces.

Good Cardstock
Inkjet Printer (or any kind of color printer)
Glue (I use regular Elmer's glue)